About Ping Lian Yeak

Ping Lian Yeak 
Born in Malaysia - 18 Nov 1993
Residing in Sydney, Australia - Since May 2006
17 yr old Prodigious Savant Artist (Autistic)

“…Ping Lian's artwork stands on its own demonstrating a remarkable artistic ability.  His artworks take on an added significance when one sees such ABILITY CO-EXIST with DIS – ABILITY. He is a natural artist whose work draws immediate attention, and appreciation.  His works are a spark of joy and flame, talent and enthusiasm...”
Jan 2008

“Ping Lian’s art is really very amazing. I would certainly put him into the category of ‘savants’…I really like his art…... They are national treasures wherever they are located...”
- Sept 2004

~ Darold A. Treffert, MD, a renowned American psychiatrist, is also an international known researcher who has been studying the Savant Syndrome for the last 45 years . He is also the author ofExtraordinary People:Understanding the Savant Syndrome” and “Islands of GENIUS: The Bountiful Mind of the Autistic, Acquired and Sudden Savant”. He was consultant to the Award Winning movie Rain Man.  www.savantsyndrome.com


For more information visit www.pinglian.com